HK LETEN X-Sped Automatic Thrusting Masturbator Chargeable - White Masturbator For Men Masturbation Cup Adult Sex Toy For Men Silicone Vagina Alat Seks Lelaki
Price RM599.00
Product SKU 6920995496586
Size (L x W x H) 24 cm x 16 cm x 12 cm
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  • 100% Brand New and High Quality
  • Super Stretchable Real Sensation
  • 100% Skin-Safe Material High Quality TPE Silicone
  • Portable and Easy Carry Reusable With Easy to Clean
  • Tight and Feel Real Training
  • Long lasting electricity With Fast Charger
  • Multi-Frequency High Speed Vibration
  • ​New Model Intelligent Masturbation Cup
Type Intelligent
Colour White
Material TPR + ABS
Net Weight 626g
Size 210*88*76mm
Waterproof Yes
Washable Disassembly Cleaning Only
Function Retractable, Intelligent Heating Control, One-Button Burst, Girl Moaning
Battery Rechargeable Lithium ion Battery
Charging Type USB Magnetic Charging
Charging Time About 2 Hour
Endurance > 1 Hour
Decibel Level Less Then 40dB
Retractable Mode 10 Mode
Girl Moaning Default
Moaning Output Audio Port
Heating Intelligent Heating Control
Accessories Magnetic Charging Cable, Certification, Instruction Manual

X-sped deeply triggers the penile orgasm nerve, with up to 700 piston thrusting movements, penetrating the penis epidermis, stimulating deep sensitive nerves, and taking you into a brand-new piston pleasure! Under the impact of X-sped at the highest speed, especially at the moment of ejaculation, many people bend their backs like bows. Built-in AI intelligent chip system, in addition to speed, can bring you a full three-dimensional simulation of sex rhythm, temperature, and hearing, and meet your stimulation and real needs at one time. AI frequency conversion system, which highly simulates the vulva movement of Japanese porn actresses, is more exciting than shooting on the spot. AI adaptive temperature control, according to your piston process, intelligent debugging adapts to your hot feeling, Japanese porn actress voice, intelligent induction synchronization, just like the live version of the real personal experience. Soft TPE material highly restores the inner vaginal wall structure of a real person and collects the real vulva structure of a porn actress. After 29 times of mold making and debugging, it creates a real touch that is as dynamic as static, completely retains the friction feeling of particles, and restores the elastic wrapping strength of the penis when it goes in and out. X-shape, transparent window, watching while doing, satisfying many unknown and peeping, visual and tactile double impacts.

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