HK LETEN A380 PRO 4th Generation Auto Pistons Heating Masturbator Chargeable - White Masturbator For Men Masturbation Cup Adult Sex Toy For Men Silicone Vagina Alat Seks Lelaki
Price RM589.00
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Size (L x W x H) 35 cm x 20 cm x 16 cm
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  • 100% Brand New and High Quality
  • Super Stretchable Real Sensation
  • 100% Skin-Safe Material High Quality TPE Silicone
  • Portable and Easy Carry Reusable With Easy to Clean
  • Tight and Feel Real Training
  • Long lasting electricity With Fast Charger
  • Multi-Frequency High Speed Vibration
  • ​New Model Intelligent Masturbation Cup
Type Intelligent
Colour White
Material TPR + ABS
Net Weight 930g
Size 322*105*88mm
Waterproof Yes
Washable Disassembly Cleaning Only
Function Retractable, Twisting, Girl Moaning, Intelligent Heating
Battery Rechargeable Lithium ion Battery
Charging Type USB Magnetic Charging
Charging Time About 2 Hour
Endurance > 1 Hour
Decibel Level Less Then 40dB
Retractable Mode 10 Mode
Twisting Mode Default
Girl Moaning Default
Moaning Output Speaker & Audio Port
Heating Intelligent Heating Control
Accessories Magnetic Charging Cable, Certification, Instruction Manual

It is well known that when a woman is riding, she will move up and down the piston, it can also twist the waist and hips; The A380 4th generation simulates the movements of the flight attendant throughout the whole process, bringing extraordinary high-level pleasure. The new piston rocking technology simulates the trajectory of vaginal movement, restoring the real-life pose of the twisting waist and swinging hips! Achieve an amazing 370 times/minute. Breakthrough technical bottlenecks, realizing the passion for the upper position. It gives full hypnotic ejaculation as its passion and speed are visible. You can feel the thrilling human-computer interplay. It will neither stick nor stop. The most attractive stewardess gasping, professional flight attendants broadcast your desires and feel them in the cockpit. As a man, it's impossible for you not to hear how much she wants, right? Two pronunciation modes are freely chosen, the sound is played out, and you can enjoy unbridled love; Playthrough headphones, and immerse yourself in the sexual bliss of the two of you. There is warm sex, there is the warmth of love; A380IV is hot and exciting throughout the whole process, like a flight attendant's body temperature blending with you. feel her fire as soon as you come in, 39℃ accompanies you to the end, 360-degree package warms full penis.

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